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    The Deeper Leadership Institute™

    Developing Evolutionary Leadership Thoughts, Beliefs, and Actions

    We often think of leadership in terms of our official, professional positions. Yet, we at the Deeper Leadership Institute maintain that we are all personal leaders: of ourselves, our families, our communities, and our work team. The Deeper Leadership Institute™ is an international organization comprised of global leadership experts who are passionate about creating a unified, caring, compassionate, respectful world using leadership and coaching techniques within organizations and schools that create sustained learning. We maintain that we as a global society are at a crucial juncture and we can choose to do nothing or little; or we can choose to live deep and interpersonally connected organizational lives committed to a compassionately connected global society.

    We have experienced first hand the increased productivity and efficiency, and the ultimately lower costs, associated with deep sustained leadership development work. We have likewise experienced individuals who have developed a high level of self-awareness, have put that self-awareness into practice and also have an equally high level of relational awareness and have put that into practice. These individuals are more likely to have attitudes, behaviors, and values that are consistent with effective leadership.

    Our international team is comprised of leadership researchers (Ph.D’s), International Coach Federation (I.C.F.) trained and certified coaches, and global intercultural practitioners who respect the leadership theories and bodies of knowledge that contribute to leadership development. We strive for the cutting edge and thus you will experience not just the latest, but the best thinking about global leadership development and coaching.

    When we speak of effective leadership, we utilize the Leadership Circle™ products, which are grounded in leadership theory and have amazing metrics with respect to validity and reliability and also yield a profile of the leader as compared to effective leadership attitudes, values, and practices.

    Our team is dynamic and always looking for new ways to improve our own proprietary model and/or the situation for the client. We truly become a partner with the client and demonstrate courageous authenticity in that partnership and sometimes, the tried and true is the best way to go for a particular client; we do not force our model or our products on a client.

    Our team has diversity on many levels with work and life experiences, and as well with diverse leadership/coaching assessments and training products. We will partner with the organization to determine what will best suit their needs for sustained results.

    To that end, we offer leadership consulting, training, educating and coaching in the following broad and more specific areas:

    • Broad Areas of Leadership Development:
    • Leadership Assessment (Individual and Organizational)
    • Holistic Organizational Approach from Hiring, to Onboarding, to Promoting and Retaining
    • One-on-one ICF-trained and/or certified Coaching
    • Leadership Education
    • Comprehensive Leadership Development Programs
    • Comprehensive Leadership Culture Development Programs

    Specific Areas of Leadership Development:

    Peace Leadership

    Peace Leadership, from our perspective, focuses on both internal and external peace, as well as peace after conflict and peace either before or without conflict.

    Building FOR peace without building FROM peace or peacefulness, is not sustainable.  Therefore, our framework focuses on best practices for inner peace as well as peace building practices. 

    Our model is a one of global citizenship that begins with personal peace leadership as the foundation and emanates outward from peace within to peace with others.  The tenets of emotional intelligence, which are widely regarded as best practice for leadership effectiveness, are employed in terms of skill development and the tenets of humanistic philosophy such as interconnectedness and compassion are infused at every level.

    The goal is for individuals to learn and achieve a degree of inner peace to increase response instead of reactivity and then to apply leadership and peace building skills to working with others resulting in a more just and peaceful family, community, team, organization, country and/or world.

    Ubuntu Leadership (Conflict Resolution, Humanistic Culture Development)

    We uphold Mandela's synopsis of Ubuntu leadership as follows:
        “The idea that people are empowered by other people, that we become our best selves through unselfish interaction with others...”  Nelson Mandela

    Ubuntu leadership is expressed through the tenets of compassion, reciprocity, dignity, humanity, and mutuality.  We often employ the Leadership Culture Survey and Conflict Resolution techniques based on O.R.S.C. (Organizational, Relationship and Systems Coaching) as well as non-violent communication techniques when working with Ubuntu Leadership.

    Culturally Adaptive Leadership

    Culturally Adaptive Leadership is an important component of personal leadership and ultimately personal capacity-building. The first step is to examine one’s own cultural privileges in order to understand one’s impact in terms of personal leadership. This work emanates from Ronald Heifitz’s work on adaptive leadership and bodies of work in both the area of privilege and intercultural leadership. The goal of this training is for participants to understand their own privilege and the impact their privilege has on others. Participants will determine a leadership behavior change based on their knowledge of their own privileges. 

    "The stake we hold for our client is that regardless of the type of product or service delivered, it will contribute to sustained leadership learning."

    S.T.E.M. Leadership (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

    Many individuals in these areas are subject-matter experts but have had relatively little exposure to leading other individuals or teams. Leadership is often not a natural skill for these individuals, nor is it something they are drawn to, yet they are often promoted to supervisory positions because of their subject-matter expertise and thus need to learn about leadership.

    Employing a S.T.E.M. model of learning allows us to reach these individuals and work with them in a way that will increase both initial and sustained learning.

    Personal Leadership: (Self-Awareness/Mastery and Relational Awareness/Mastery)

    We often think of leadership in terms of our official, professional positions. Yet, we at the Deeper Leadership Institute maintain that we are all personal leaders: of ourselves, our families, our communities, and our work teams. How well are you aligned between your personal and professional lives?

    We are all leading every moment of every day; but are you leading the way you want and are you having the impact you want to have in your personal or professional life?

    Are your thoughts, behaviors and actions aligned with your goals?
    Are your goals aligned with your core guiding values?
    How well are you aligned between your personal and professional lives?

    Take these complimentary assessments and find out:


    We offer a fine variety of coaching products all delivered by ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited coaches:

    One-on-One Coaching: This is the most highly individualized and customized way of discovering your own personal leadership. Meet with your ICF certified coach once every two weeks for approximately 3 months. Most clients achieve their goals within that time period unless something unforeseen arises.

    Team Coaching: We use an Organizational Systems and Relationship Coaching model that is highly effective with teams in terms of helping them to understand how they truly interact, what are the behaviors that sabotage their efforts, and how to work more effectively.

    Mastermind Membership Coaching Groups: Examples of mastermind groups include professional women or executives in transition for instance. Anyone experiencing a similar situation can learn not only from the coaching but from each other.

    Customized Leadership Programs

    Any of our existing Leadership Programs can be customized to your situation. For example, case studies and even simulations can reflect issues your company is facing. One of the class assignments can be to solve a dilemma the company currently faces.

    Furthermore, entirely new customized programs can be created and tailored to fit your needs.

    Leadership Workshops

    We offer a variety of workshops that can be provided in person or on-site, including all of those delineated in the Leadership Workshops page.

        “Life isn’t about finding yourself… Life is about creating yourself”
    George Bernard Shaw