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    About Ann Dinan

    Dr. Ann Dinan, Ph.D., M.S.S.A., C.P.CDr. Ann Dinan, is the founder and President of the Deeper Leadership Institute.  Additionally she founded the Personal Leadership Institute and the Ubuntu Leadership Institute. She is an ICF-Certified Coach who has Certification in the Leadership Circle Products as well as has completed training in Organizational Relationship and System Coaching and Leadership and Self Deception. She has served as the Vice President of Program Development for The Greater Cincinnati ASTD (American Association of Training and Development), and as a volunteer consultant and coach for the non-profit, ESCC (Executive Service Corps of Cincinnati).

    She has lived and worked overseas and brings those experiences to her work through cultural competency and expatriate training and coaching.   
    She earned her doctorate in social science research from Washington University, her master’s degree from Case Western Reserve, and is a designated CPCC coach from the Coaches Training Institute. Ann’s research has appeared in a number of journals and she has presented her research findings at numerous international and domestic conferences.

    My Inspiration for the Deeper Leadership Institute™

    You have heard the adage that we teach what we need to learn. Not too many years ago, I was 'playing small' in a toxic personal relationship, staying in a dead-end low paying job, frustrated, stressed, and lacking both personal and positional power. I was beating my head against the proverbial brick wall.

    I started to develop some of the exercises for our proprietary model and as I completed the Personal and Professional Assessments, I realized that my own life was completely out of balance! Furthermore, when I completed the core values exercise, I discovered that I was not spending personal or professional time on things that were in line with my core values. In short, I was not walking the talk.

    About a year later, I launched The Personal Leadership Institute designed to enhance an individual’s personal leadership and then about two years after that, I launched the Ubuntu Leadership Institute so the personal leadership work would have a broader context. Ubuntu Leadership provides that context by focusing on humanistic values.

    Then, just when Ubuntu Leadership was catching on, I decided to capture all of our Institutes under one umbrella institute, The Deeper Leadership Institute™. Why? I wanted people to come to one place that had all the valuable exercises, programs, and information that I took years to find. And, I wanted the information to be cutting edge, accessible, customizable, effective, and sustainable.

    Deeper Vision

    The Deeper Purpose:

    I believe each individual is on this earth right now for a very specific purpose–individually and collectively.

    I believe in the concept of Ubuntu such that we see the humanity in ourselves only after we can see the humanity in others.

    I believe that most of us are not fully aware of our potential nor our purpose(s).

    I believe we can effect deep and sustainable change.

    I believe in being of service to others and giving back.

    Our core value is hope.

    Who we are and how we will be with you:

    Open-minded, authentic, heroic/guiding, soul-driven, truthtellers, holistic, intentional, aligned, loving, courageous, and committed to deep change.