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    "Dear Ann:

    I want to thank you for the counsel and coaching you provided me as I began the process of sorting through career options and opportunities in early 2009.  Your very personalized approach provided the platform for you to get to know me as an individual, and made it easy for me to open up to you in the process.  Your combination of formal tools, probing questions, and gentle prodding provided me with the motivation to be introspective and very honest with myself about where I stood, what was important to me, where I wanted to go, and how I wanted to get there... all of which made our dialogue very rich and compelling.

    Your use of the "Foundation Questions" got us off to a great start, and really set the tone for our relationship.  Your intuitive approach to subsequent discussion brought out issues, opportunities, and a self awareness that might have taken much longer for me to grasp, if at all.  I felt comfortable with you from the outset, and that helped us get to the real issues quickly and with intensity.

    On top of all that, I found you to be a great person!  It's so clear that you really and truly care about your work, and the people you are trying to help, and that made a big difference for me.

    I don't know yet what I will do next, but I am confident that I am approaching it in the right way and that I have a clarity of purpose that I would not have had without your support.  I will keep you posted on my progress, and if there is every anything I can do to help you in any way, please don't hesitate to call on me."

    All the very best.

    Gary Cofer

    Vice President, Customer Business Development-North America,  Procter and Gamble

    "I came to coaching confused about almost every aspect of my life and skeptical about this thing called 'coaching".  Ann's enthusiasm for coaching made me stop and realize that 'I wanted some of that'.  Ann and the coaching process did not disappoint' I am not satisfied in every aspect and even have a new and fulfilling career ... a life coach!  The coaching skills I learned transformed my life.  I rediscovered the 'fun Sue' and she is enjoying life!"

    Sue V.


    "I was already trained as a coach when I met Ann.  Her intuition blew me away!  She intuitively knew when I should sell my condo (at the height of the market)!  As if that was not enough, she used her intuitive skills to guide me regarding my career transition!  I was a bit skeptical at the beginning but I do a check in with Ann now prior to major life decision.  She has always been spot on!"  

    Anne G.


    "To say I was a skeptic about coaching is an understatement; but I have fully stepped into my powerful self as a result of coaching with Ann.  I moved, landed an executive position in my area of passion, and feel just great about myself!  None of this was even on my radar screen when I started coaching.  Once I opened up to coaching, opportunities opened up to me!  Coaching with Ann gave me  the confidence to embrace my biggest, best, posible self!"

    Hazel P.


    "Ann is such a gentle soul and just what I needed after a traumatic incident.  She helped me to reclaim my power and step up to my full potential.  My family noticed huge positive changes in me within two weeks."

    Dana B.


    "I had never met anyone like Ann, let alone coached with someone like her.  She has such special gifts that include but are not limited to helping me know when I should sell my home in Florida and when NOT to buy a replacement!  Her intuitive gifts far exceed timing real estate and she has been instrumental in coaching me through my retirement transition."

    Evelyn B.


    "When I met Ann and began coaching, I felt like a failure in most aspects of my life.  She took a holistic approach and within three  months, I felt like a different person!   My roommate even commented to me that I had really changed my life!"

    Julie S.


    "I began coaching because I was totally unclear about what I wanted to do  next with my career.  Ann asked a series of questions that really helped me discover my core values.  She listened to my answers and discerned my values.  It was such an awakening!  I feel like I have a passion and direction back in my life!"

    Jenny S.


    "No one could believe the transformation I  made i just a few months!  My grade point average (GPA) jumped up nearly 300% in one semester!  I have also applied the skills I learned in coaching to other life issues.  I am now nearly finished with a master's degree program and am planning on going to law school!  Four years later and I am still rockin'!"

    Mike G.


    "A three-month coaching engagement with Ann proffered more than goal-setting: her intuition inspired a self-discovery journey that helped identify hidden saboteurs to personal development. I am now primed to soar!”

    Anne M.


    "My first introduction to Ann Dinan was through a workshop she offered on Personal Leadership.Our first assignment was to bring with us what we wanted to achieve within the workshop. It occurred to me at that moment, I hadn't a clue as to what exactly the term, 'Personal Leadership' meant, however, I knew I had to be there. I found I was not alone. There were others at the workshop that didn't understand the term either!

    I think in our culture, we associate the term, 'leadership', with leading others, but the idea of leading ourselves? This simple yet brilliant concept is what makes Ann's work so important to each and every one of us. After the workshop, I continued on with the sustainability piece that Ann taught, by hosting a small group from the workshopat my home for 4 or 5 months. At each monthly meeting we would check in with each other regarding our own personal progress.

    The workshop and these meetings were enough to sustain my interest in my own growth, yet, I found the need to do more in-depth work. I then contacted Ann, and I made the commitment to begin a personal coaching program. We are currently meeting on a regular basis for a period of about 3 months. The initial workshop answered many questions I had about personal leadership, but it was only the beginning. I really wanted, and was ready to make my life the priority. I am a single mother of two teenaged boys, I own my home, as well as my operate my own business.

    I am realizing the oxygen mask has to go on me first, if I want to be in my full power in these areas of my life. The bonus of working with Ann, is not only finding my full power, but my passions as well! In our sessions, Ann is brilliant at helping me to identify habitual thought processes I have that are holding me back. She does this by asking 'to the point' questions, and then giving me homework, and time to let many of the solutions and 'aha' moments come from me. This is the sign of a gifted coach.

    Many people can tell you what you need to work on, but Ann connects with you on such a level that helps you find your own truth within. At this level is when Ann's 'master learning' begins, for those who commit to working with her in Leadership Coaching. Currently I am working on one of those 'homework assignments'. Ann asked me to write about a specific topic. I wondered why, but trusted her. In addition to writing about it, I am surprised to find I am living it.

    Since our last meeting situations keep coming up for me that are making me face a particular thought process that has been keeping me from my power. It is as if Ann showed me where the key was to a part of myself I had never taken the time to open and get to know. By opening this particular door, future Coaching Sessions with Ann!"

    Lori R.