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    Dr. Richard L. Kranzley

    For over four decades, Dr. Kranzley has provided a high level of compassionate professionalism that has distinguished him among peers and clients alike. He practices Ubuntu and Namaste philosophies in his work (the belief in a universal bond of sharing that honors and connects all humanity).

    Utilizing in-depth experience in management, consulting and training, Rick has worked with profit and non-profit executives and leadership groups across diverse companies and industries.  Representative clients include:  P&G, General Electric, Avon, Cincinnati Bell, Daimler Chrysler, AT&T, Eli Lilly, Kellogg, Cinergy, CIA, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Catholic Healthcare Partners and SSM Health. He understands the pressures, demands and dynamics of corporate cultures and applies that wisdom to help leaders reach their highest potential.

    One of Rick's strengths is coaching teams toward peak performance by creating an environment of respect and trust where differences are valued, strengths utilized and barriers to success overcome. He is able to quickly assess a situation, identifying what needs to change and how to implement that change. As a result of his work, relationships become more honest; and energy is focused on achieving results without the distractions of dysfunctional behavior.

    As a Master Trainer he has conducted hundreds of hours of workshops on subjects including: Conflict Management, Communication Skills, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Group Process, Leadership Skills, Goal Setting, Group Facilitation, Organizational Change, and Cultural Transformation.

    Rick’s extensive experience is reinforced with an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Doctorate in Organizational Behavior.

    He recently published a book entitled Formula V: Leading with Vitality (Vitality: exuberant mental vigor; the capacity to sustain meaningful or purposeful life). The qualities of Courage, Honesty, Humility, Altruism and Resonance are predictors of leadership success.  Enriching these qualities by centering on the principles and passions within, will empower natural leadership from the inside out, resulting in significant results.