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    Be Peace For Peace: Peacefullness 

    Ahhhh Be Peace For Peace just makes me want to exhale because it brings about a profound sense of peacefullness.  BTW, peacefullness is deliberately spelled with two "l's" because it signifies the fullness of being peace for the purpose of doing peace.  I have shared on my FB page (Ann Dinan) a great deal about how to Be Peace and bring about shifts of peacefullness.  For me mind, body, spirit balance can be started with ayurveda.  Specifically, I suggest that people visit the Banyan Botanicals site and learn about their ayurvedic dosha (body type).  This is important because if you need to bring your dosha into alignment, that will also bring your mind into alignment because your body will be balanced.  From that place, one can begin the Be Peace path of peacefullness by eating for one's type and bringing the body into balance.  When the body is in balance, the mind is not being triggered by the body (sugar, alcohol, caffeine...) and thus the mind can be more peacefull.  From that place, better decisions and actions can occur resulting in Being Peace FOR Peace.  This may take a month or so, but you will have a more balanced mind if you start to cleanse your body and eat for your type.  This is the first step to Being Peace!


    Be Peace For Peace: Peace Leadership and the UN

    Today I learned that Youssef Mahmoud wrote a paper about peace leadership and the UN.  Here is the link:


    In his article he discusses a great deal of what has been posted about here on this page in the last few months; namely that we need to frame or even reframe sustainable peace.  As readers of this page know, DPLI goes beyond sustainability and speaks about flourishing peace.  Mahmoud's application of these concepts to the UN is a good one, as he is referring to the internal leaders of the UN for one of the first times in history.  DPLI  maintains that the same model of Peace Leadership applies to those working in the peace keeping sector as well as those in business, politics... AND the model applies to the "how" of creating flourishing peace; of wich the leaders are a large part.  It is so refresshing to see Peace Leadership make the mainstream!  Let's keep it up!!!



    Be Peace For Peace: The Ubuntu Connection

    Today I was asked to write a few words about Ubuntu and thisis what I shared:


    Be Peace For Peace:  The application of Ubuntu in both Being and Doing Peace:

    Ubuntu.  The gift that Africa will give the world, according to Nelson Mandela.  I could not agree more.  Ubuntu is essentially a humanistic philosophy that incorporates many tenets but perhaps the most well known is interconnectedness.  Recognizing that we are all each other’s brothers and sisters and that we should treat each accordingly with dignity and respect is a major component of Ubuntu.  The need for Ubuntu is everywhere!  The need is with and for everyone!  The need is now!  The impact is huge.  One can start with self and the ripple effects can be felt many connections later.  Treating everyone, including oneself, with dignity, respect, compassion, and recognizing their humanness are vitally important to employing Ubuntu.  I am who I am because of who we all are.  Peace.  Peace Leadership. Namaste.

     Ubuntu is the cornerstone of Peace leadership, as I am creating and working with it.



    Be Peace For Peace: A Journey to Interconnectedness

    The book is in process!!  Here is the teaser:  Be Peace for your own Interconnectedness.  Be Peace such that you recognize interconnection within (sound intereseting??) and Be Peace FOR peace in terms of interconnecting with others outside of self all for the purposes of peace and peacefulness.

    The journey is something you create for your own path to peace and peacefulness.  For me, I started purging in 2018.  I was not sure why but a few months ago I just started cleaning closets, the attic, drawers, the car... you name it!  And, quite honestly a few people, but that is another post!

    By the time 2019 rolled around (despite the crazy start that I wrote about earlier), I had nearly everything purged in terms of things (of course, the dreaded basement remains) and I had created a retreat day (every Friday).  I was not quite sure where I would spend that retreat day when the answer appeared one day in the form of our Nature Center!  I will be able to take walks in nature and spend quiet time in the library that is 90% windows looking out over the Nature Center!

    I have cleared my calendar for daily spiritual practice that no  matter what I try to make happen, always synchs up with the time I would meditate in India.  So be it!  And, I have blocked out time for my beloved warm water exercise at our gym.

    Additionally, some of you know I am an Ayurvedic specialist and I am recommiting to that practice.  It is hard for me to maintain when I travel so I am being very careful about travel this year!  When I travel to DC every other week, I have ways of maintaining the practice.

    I am saying NO a whole LOT this year!  It will have nothing to do with you and all about me if you ask me to do something or go somewhere and I say no. 

    My"to-do" list is ONE PAGE for the entire year! And, it will likely be completed by next week.  Again, due to 2018 preparation.

    As I have been "being Peace" and preparing to take that to another level, "doing peace" started to emerge in amazing ways!  More on that later but beautiful interconnectedness as brought about relationships that will take this peace leadership work to the elevation needed for today's world.

    As I am writing this post, I am listening to Girish's Diamonds In The Sun.  Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu: May all beings everywhere be happy and free!  Happy 2019!!


    Be Peace for Peace:  Intuition

    Welcome to 2019!   I am so grateful for 2018 and also grateful not to still be living in it!!  I spent quite a bit of time examining lessons and patterns and doing inner work towards the end of the year.  I thought I "had it"!  Then the beginning of 2019 rolls around and although I intuitively knew I was not supposed to make a trip on January 6th, I set out anyway.  It turned out to be the 12 hour trip to nowhere!  I have never had a day quite like that one and the universe clearly indicated how serious it was about me listening to my intuition!!! So, here I sit two days later, committed more than ever to Being Peace in order to be For Peace by at the very least, listening to my intuition!!!  My gift to you all for this year is to encourage that you too listen to your intuition and do so deeply and seriously!! Sending so much love to you all!