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    Be Peace For Peace: Peacefullness 

    Ahhhh Be Peace For Peace just makes me want to exhale because it brings about a profound sense of peacefullness.  BTW, peacefullness is deliberately spelled with two "l's" because it signifies the fullness of being peace for the purpose of doing peace.  I have shared on my FB page (Ann Dinan) a great deal about how to Be Peace and bring about shifts of peacefullness.  For me mind, body, spirit balance can be started with ayurveda.  Specifically, I suggest that people visit the Banyan Botanicals site and learn about their ayurvedic dosha (body type).  This is important because if you need to bring your dosha into alignment, that will also bring your mind into alignment because your body will be balanced.  From that place, one can begin the Be Peace path of peacefullness by eating for one's type and bringing the body into balance.  When the body is in balance, the mind is not being triggered by the body (sugar, alcohol, caffeine...) and thus the mind can be more peacefull.  From that place, better decisions and actions can occur resulting in Being Peace FOR Peace.  This may take a month or so, but you will have a more balanced mind if you start to cleanse your body and eat for your type.  This is the first step to Being Peace!

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