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    S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Leadership

    Many individuals in these areas are subject-matter experts but have had relatively little exposure to leading other individuals or teams. Leadership is often not a natural skill for these individuals, nor is it something they are drawn to, yet they are often promoted to supervisory positions because of their subject-matter expertise and thus need to learn about leadership. Employing a S.T.E.M. model of learning allows us to reach these individuals and work with them in a way that will increase both initial and sustained learning.
    Both personal leadership as well as organizational leadership are the focus of S.T.E.M. Leadership work.  Our formula is to present the material in a way that is palatable to individuals in these areas while also delivering content that is pertinent, applicable, and necessary for them.  We have discovered a winning solution in terms of both process and content that leads to sustainable results in terms of personal and organizational leadership.
    Although customizable, we have found it beneficial to start out with a leadership effectiveness assessment and whenever we introduce a new topic, provide a short assessment.  One-on-one coaching is highly beneficial with this group as a supplement to short training sessions.

    Our intended outcomes are:

    A higher level of Self-Awareness
    A higher level of Relational-Awareness
    Understanding of the importance of leadership:
        • personal leadership
        • organizational leadership

    The development of Leadership Plans are based on your organization's goals.