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    August 2017

    I just posted a new video of me talking about the exciting new discipline of Peace Leadership in an interview with Philip Hellmich as part of the Yoga Summit series of videos. The video was conducted at the Peace Leadership conference in India, February 2016. Click here to watch the video…

    January 2010

    What fun!  I just finished delivering a piece on privilege to the leadership group, The CALL, of the Cincinnati Bar Association.  We were hosted at the Freedom Center which is a treat in and of itself!  This group will spend the next year or so discussing leadership and this was their introductory session.  Hats off to the creators of this program who were totally fine with folks feeling a bit uncomfortable during this session.  That is an example of courageous leadership!

    (From left to right): Hon. Timothy S. Black, Ann Dinan, Phenise Poole, and Hon. Julie Stautberg

    November 2009

    I was so privileged to host a roundtable discussion on Leadership Coaching at the International Leadership Association (ILA) conference in Prague from November 11-14. This is one of my favorite conferences because the learnings are constant and diverse!  The main office staff in Washington DC are truly exceptional and professional!  Rarely have I come in contact with such a special group and the members are not unlike the national staff!  The special interest groups are so interesting and relevant that I cannot choose among them!  I have the same problem with choosing sessions to attend at the international conference; inevitably there are several that I am interested in that are offered simultaneously and they don't disappoint!  ILA doesn't disappoint either as they recognize this "problem" and send all of the attendees a cd with all the presentations on it.

    As I mentioned, I hosted a roundtable so although this content will not be on the cd, I was asked to start a leadership coaching group within ILA so if you choose to join ILA (see my "link" page for their web address), then please consider becoming a member of the leadership coaching group as well and we will be discussing ongoing and relevant topics many of which were first discussed at the conference.

    Hope to see you in Boston at the ILA conference in 2010 and/or virtually through the leadership coaching group!

    BTW, I blogged from Prague during the conference so if you would like to read those posts, please click on the link below.

    Read my blog posts!


    October 2009

    ASTD Leadership Conference

    As the Vice President for Program Development of the Greater Cincinnati American Association of Training and Development (GCASTD) I was grateful to be able to attend the Leadership Conference in Washington, DC.

    Highlights include:

    A magazine photo cover shoot!

    Learnings around an ASTD speaker bureau that we can access locally.

    Great programming ideas for our local chapter

    Dinner at Chez Nora's, a 30 year old organic restaurant!

    Two presentations by the legendary trainer, Bob Pike.

    Fabulous networking opportunities

    The time and access to plan a year's worth of programming events for our local chapter.