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    The New Wave of Leadership

    Hi all,

    I was chatting today with a friend who is unemployed and she was mentioning how when she attends all these groups for folks who don't currently have jobs, that there is a sense that people don't just want any old job.  This time around, they want to make sure that they can embrace the job.  In fact, many are even considering career changes indicating that they never even wanted the career or job that they previoiusly held!  This is what we are referring to as the silver lining.  We couldn't be more pleased that folks are truly taking stock of who they are and what they want and then aligning their job searches accordingly!  We certainly hope that this type of thinking is truly the wave of the present and future when if comes to leading one's own life - ie personal leadershp.

    We would love to hear stories from some of you who have had such an experience (what was your old job/career, what did you not like about it, what are you doing now, and what is it about the new situation that you love?).  Looking forward to your posts!


    Ann Dinan

    The Deeper Leadership Institute