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    International Leadership Conference

    I am writing from Prague while presenting at the International Leadership Conference.  What an experience!  These conferences are always inspirational and this one on transformational leadership is no exception!  What an honor to be in the presence of academicians, researchers, and practitioners of leadership.  Today our opening address was given by the former President of Czechoslovakia who came into leadership after the Velvet Revolution.  Personally, I did not know much about the Velvet Revolution but as exemplified by its name, it was a bloodless revolution.  Couple this event with the "fall" of the Berlin wall and Apartheid, and it is chilling to think that these events occurred within the last 20 years! Many of these leaders did not aspire to the positions they achieved in government although they did aspire to achieve their vision in one way or another.

    So, I ask, as a leader, what will your legacy be????  What is your vision?  How will you achieve it?

    Ann Dinan, Ph.D.

    The Deeper Leadership Institute