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    Be Peace For Peace is more than just a catchy phrase.  The phrase expresses what we stand for at the Deeper Peace Leadership Institute (DLI) and that is to BE peace first and foremost and then take it one step forward and act FOR peace.


    DLI works with Peace Leadership in the context of Being Peace For Peace.  Specifically, Peace Leadership encompasses Positive Peace and Positive Leadership and the Nexus of those two is Peace Leadership and thus the operationalization of Be Peace For Peace.


    Positive Peace is NOT the absence of violence, but rather a situation that creates social systems that serve the needs of the whole population through equitable methods.


    Positive Leadership focuses on virtuous behaviors, positive emotions and energizing with an affirmative basis.


    Picture a:   Drawing of Two Circles:  One is Positive Peace and the other is Positive Leadership with the Intersection of those two circles:  Peace Leadership, aka Be Peace For Peace.  Under the intersection of those two circles, the words:  Flourishing Global Society.


    In other words, individuals and groups operating from a place of peace AND bringing that peace to their world by acting with integrity and from a place of equity for the purposes of creating flourishing societies, is how we define Peace Leadership and thus Be Peace For Peaceä.


    Examples of Being Peace:  Meditation, Yoga, Attitude of Gratitude, Mindfulness Practice…


    Examples of For Peace:  Tutoring students in the inner city, providing complimentary coaching sessions to low income individuals looking to secure a job, initiating a corporate program to train low income individuals, create weekend and after school education programs to supplement public school education in “failing districts”…


    The examples from Being Peace and For Peace all would benefit from technology in order to reach a wider group and have maximum accessibility.


    To what end?  We maintain that Peace Leadership, the Nexus of Positive Peace and Positive Leadership, aka Be Peace For Peaceä, will result in Global Flourishing.  For years DLI maintained that peace was the necessary, and missing, component of sustainability.  We realize now that the world must move to a higher level than sustainability to a level of flourishing.  We believe the components and the operationalization of Be Peace for Peace will create a Flourishing Global Society.


    *NOTE:  "Be Peace For Peace" is a registered Service Mark for the Deeper Leadership Institute.

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